All-in-One Academics Scholarship


All-in-One Academics




Amount: $1,000
Award Number: 1
GPA Required: None




Phone: 713-405-1193


This scholarship is not targeting any particular group. It aims to reward a student who has demonstrated well-rounded interests, academic achievement, and the initiative to compose a quality resume and essay.

This scholarship is completely merit-based, but it is not strictly numerical. All-in-One Applications staff will evaluate the subjective components of the application, especially the resume and essay, to determine a candidate’s commitment to service and dedication to excellence. The transcript will be used to assess the rigor of a student’s curriculum, and while grades are important, they will not be the deciding factor in our decision. Scholarship funds will be released to the student’s chosen university in accordance with that university’s payment policies. Because the essay component is so important, we wholeheartedly recommend that you show it to an English teacher before submitting the application.

To be considered, you must submit 3 pieces of information

1. your activities record via the online Resume Builder program

– Resume Builder: This is the easiest and most efficient way to digitally send your activities record in lieu of a resume. Please do not submit a resume because all scholarship applicants will be evaluated based on their digital activities record submitted through the Resume Builder program

2. an official transcript mailed to the PO box below

– Transcript submissions: Please mail transcripts to PO Box 130349, Houston, TX, 77219

3. the scholarship form.

– Scholarship application submissions: Applications are accepted over the Internet only through the Scholarship Form available HERE.