Juniors’ College Admissions Checklist

1. Sign up and take the PSAT. (Check with your high school counselor for date and location)
2. Have a counselor evaluate your records for college preparation.
3. Make sure you are taking the correct classes for college bound students (A-G requirements).
4. Attend the College Information Day on the U. C. Berkeley campus.

1. Network with other college bounders for information on college choices and opportunities.
2. Talk with family, counselors, friends about your college plans; and how they might assist you.
3. Keep a list of colleges and careers that might appeal to you.

1. Write to college admission offices for information, catalogs and visitation dates.
2. Plan college campus visits with your family or college bounders network.
3. Update skills and areas you’d like to use in a career.

1. Visit college campuses on semester break holidays.
2. Review your PSAT scores with your Math and English teachers.
3. Plan a strategy for getting the SAT I scores you want. (Your strategy could include review of test taking skills and practice of specific skills areas).

February & March
1. Register for the SAT I, SAT II, and ACT (ask your high school counselor if you qualify for a fee waiver).
2. Choose your top 5 colleges.
3. Plan visits, and collect information on each college.
4. Explore careers in more depth, collecting information by reading and talking to people using skills you’d like to use or develop.

April & May
1. Visit distant colleges during Easter break. (Some colleges can arrange for you to stay over-night in the dorms for your visit.)
2. Review your SAT I scores and GPA with your counselor to determine your eligibility.
3. Attend the East Bay College Connection at Saint Mary’s College.
4. Attend the Alameda County College Fair at CSU Hawyard

May – August
1. Continue to collect information on your top colleges and career choices.
2. Graduating seniors become college freshmen, and are a great source of information. Additionally, they may be open to assisting you in a campus visit in early fall.
3. Research and apply for scholarships.

With this preparation, you are bound to get into the college of your choice!