Latina Leadership Network (LLN) Scholarships


Latina Leadership Network of the California Community Colleges


early March


Amount: $500 for Student Scholarship
Award Number: 4 (Student Scholarship)
GPA Required: 2.5 GPA for Student Scholarship, none for Madrina Award


All areas of Study


Latina Leadership Network of the California Community Colleges
P.O. Box 14557
San Luis Obispo , CA 93406


Name: n/a
Phone: n/a
Email: use messaging system on website


Latino Hispanic


1) MADRINA AWARD: The Latina Leadership Network Madrina Award was developed to honor those Latinas who have given their time, energy, expertise, and leadership to the LLN and to other Latinas within the California Community Colleges system and/or Latino community. Madrinas are individuals who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills and provide guidance and mentorship toward all Latinas. Their commitment to the goals of the LLN organizations is evident by their actions. They are involved in professional organizations, support curriculum development, foster leadership training, build bridges with the community; and mentor and empower Latinas.  


1. Applicant must be a Latina who is a current member of the Latina Leadership Network, but 

may not be a current Executive Board member.  

2. Nominations are open to students, classified staff, faculty, administrators, and trustees.  

3. Submit a completed nomination form that contains the following:  

Nominee's goals that relate to the advancement of Latinas.  

How the nominee has displayed leadership qualities.  

Other applicable reasons, if any, why you are recommending or nominating this colleague.  

Please send application via mail or email to:   

Modesto Junior College 

Attn: Geri Vargas 

435 College Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350 


awarding four (4) student scholarships of $500 to students currently attending California 


Community Colleges.  


Applicant Eligibility Criteria:  


• Be of Latino heritage (one parent fully Latino or each parent half Latino)  



• 24 units of college work completed (may include work in-progress)  



• Must have a minimum 2.5 Cumulative GPA  



• Currently enrolled in a California Community College  



• Must provide a transcript of all work completed (unofficial transcripts will be accepted)  


Mail complete application packets to:  


Blanca Ezquerro 



2791 Valley Heights Drive 



San Jose, CA. 95133 



Or send your application via e-mail to