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John J. Schumacher Minority Leadership Scholarship

Institution: Southwestern University School of Law



Award Type/Amount: up to full-tuition

Award Number: approx. 25 each year

GPA Required: n/a

Deadline: n/a

Ethnicity: African American, Asian American, Chicano/Latino/Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islander, Person of Color


The John J. Schumacher Minority Leadership scholarship program, named in memory of Dr. John J. Schumacher, founder of Southwestern University School of Law, was created to provide up to full-tuition scholarships for entering minority students with exceptional academic and leadership potential. Schumacher Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of undergraduate performance (typically at least a B average) and extracurricular activities, work experience, evidence of leadership abilities, and Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score, as well as other factors. Prospective students are invited to apply. Please write to the above address.

Contact: Office of Admissions

675 South Westmoreland Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90005

Phone: (213) 738-6717

Website: http://www.swlaw.edu/

Last Modified: October 19, 2010