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Priority Deadline for Cal-Grant

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid or California Dream Application and GPA Verification Form are due by March 2nd (postmarked)!

I’m Going to College

I'm Going to College (IGTC) is designed to create an awareness of the opportunities of a college education to elementary school students, and to make going to college an attainable goal. The program works with all 5th grade students at an elementary school. The East Bay Consortium works with 5th grade teachers to guide students [...]

LBA Foundation Scholarship

Steps to go to College

We are joined by many people from our community, colleges, and your school who believe in you. We believe in your choice of a career that will provide you fulfillment. We believe in your choice of an educational plan that will both enlighten you as well as prepare you for a career and employment. We [...]

Community Service Scholarship

CCA Scholarships

BOLD Participation Scholarships